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Age of Ashes
Hellknight Hill, Chapter 4:
Summary: The PCs determine that Voz Lirayne has been using the escape tunnel that leads from the crypts of Citadel Altaerein back to Breachill, then investigate her bookshop, only to learn she’s relocated to an abandoned military station in the wilds. There, they must contend with the bandits that Voz hired to protect the outpost and her trail, all while staying on the necromancer’s heels. With Voz defeated, the PCs are free to explore the cave complex that leads to the lowest level of Citadel Altaerein—and the elf gate ring that both the necromancer Voz and the sinister Cinderclaw cult want to restore, each for their own nefarious ends. As they near Alseta’s Ring, the PCs face Malarunk, the Cinderclaw cultist who is working to reactivate Huntergate and open the way for the rest of his cult to invade!

Key NPCs:
Roxie Denn: Owner of the Pickled Ear
Demiri Yoltosha: Leader of the Bloody Blades
Renali: Anadi herbalist
Malarunk: Charau-ka Dayak cultist (defeated)

Key Events:
- Discovered notes from Voz Lirayne suggesting Lamond Breachton was a fraud
- Defeated Voz and discovered letters to Laslunn of the Scarlet Triad
- Defeated the last of the cultists and found the deed to Citadel Altaerein
- Discovered Alseta’s Ring and Huntersgate
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