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Age of Ashes
Cult of Cinders, Chapter 1
Summary: You restore Huntergate to working order, only to discover that passage through the portal presents its own dangers—a manifestation of Dahak still haunts the space in between. Emerging from the other side in the Mwangi Expanse, you encounter the Ekujae elves and are brought back to their jungle settlement of Akrivel, where a great feast gives you a chance to make new friends and learn more about the Cinderclaw cult—worshipers of Dahak who have long been enemies of the elves.

Key NPCs:
Jahsi: Ekujae keledi (hero)
Akosa: Ekujae scout and freedom fighter
Nketiah: Ekujae half-elf linguist
Harriet: Lion
Ose Panin and Ose Atsu: Twin rulers of the Leopard Clan
Mauuko and Sanyo: Young dancing Ekujae
Kadija and Kuakae: Older dancing Ekujae

Key Events:
- Befriended the Ekujae
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