The Battle
Dear Gods, my nightmares, foiled in their attempts to find me in my rest have come for me in my waking hours.

The darkness and the fog pressed in around us, and I felt a cold dread in my bones. I was already flinching away when he turned towards me.

But no - while his mouth was turned into a rictus of profane joy - his eyes... his eyes were a mirror of the panic in my own. He was in there still, and my heart surged with hope.

"He's MINE!" I growled at the monster who held him captive as I slashed at their shared flesh. Hoping to somehow keep him distracted long enough to keep us all alive while Padhraig figured out some way to break this curse.

The beast Blackbyrne tried to turn Cabhan's blows against me, but he managed to wrest enough control to turn the attack against Ser Jarrad instead. The Knight dropped under the onslaught and I worried that Cabhan would not have the strength to overcome his captor a second time.

And then, thankfully, my fervent prayers were answered. Out of sight was a tremendous cracking sound, and while Cabhan looked panicked, Blackbyrne railed against us, called us fools for unravelling his masterwork.

And after a few more tense breaths, it was over. The skeletal army obeyed their (new) master's commands to return to their rest. The courtyard was almost painfully silent.

And I, overwhelmed with relief, simply wept.

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