Case 07 - Angels in the way-out-field

Successfully infiltrated A.H. Original examination didn't reveal much. Well known structure -- lead by Mr. K, inner members supervise others. Most suspicious are people who "leave". Rumor from one witness says last person to leave simply disappeared. Unable to confirm accusation. No real details on where these members go.

Ran into snow creature and powerful magic item. Not sure if villainous in intent, but creature itself was a severe threat. Seemed predatory in nature; extremely hostile. Simply explained as a natural occurrence by staff. Item was removed by staff. Investigation into origins of creature hampered. Further probing likely to risk confrontation.

Organization seems to keep a tight leash on visiting and current members until they make clear their intention to depart -- even going as far to use magical restraint.

Please find attached a curious item, magical in nature. Unable to determine qualities in field. Found among Mr. K's office. Also contained a list of names and some indication of a status. B. determined that names of individuals who left marked with certain status.

In conclusion, organization is still mysterious. Mr. K. maintains a stern and open persona... remains person of extreme interest. Nothing discovered inside house itself. Possible other locations near or on estate, but unable to explore safely. Terminating current investigation due to safety concerns.

No expenses incurred, needs provided by organization of interest.
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