Harmony in the Key of Sus

We infiltrated the Angels of Harmony as successfully as we could. I think the group could use a lesson in subtlety. At any rate, there was some suspicious activity. There seems to be memory loss and sleep spells sued on people. It doesn’t necessarily mean that it is nefarious in nature. It just seems odd to someone who has been travelling freely without such a structure for so long. I am enclosing some letters. These are supposedly letters from loved ones of people inside the Angles of Harmony asking the member to come home. I know it’s not much, but if we can track down one or more of these people. It would give us the insight we need to decide whether further action is necessary.

Their leader, Nikolas, told us about his opinion on the Stygian. He proposes that the Stygian is a source of magic, neither good nor evil in nature. As with any other source of power, some would use it for good while others would use it for evil. He also said that followers of the Stygian hate him, and what he does at the Angels of Harmony.

Until next crime,

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