Cult Klaussic
Mr Iverson,

We spent some time at the Angels of Harmony compound. The organisation has rather peculiar rules such as a scheduled bedtime for all of its members. I volunteered for some activities which I ended up enjoying some of them like ushering for the ballet. While I enjoyed the structure the organisation provides, there’s something…off about it and the members here, especially Winter and the leader, Klaus. I never trust anyone that seems that nice.

Winter was an annoyance, always following us around like we were children. When he was gone, he never felt far away and I always had a feeling like I was being watched. Bastet had a lead about people going missing but there was no evidence whether the members were leaving of their own accord or something nefarious was happening. The group’s investigation seems to have hit a dead-end and with the safety of the group uncertain in the middle of a cult compound, it was decided that we leave for now.
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