Turbulence on the Airship

The airship was an exciting new adventure. Bastet noticed that a small boy was traveling with a half-orc man and the boy looked uncomfortable. I tried to strike up a conversation with him, but the half-orc was insistent that the boy was fine and I should leave him alone.

Unfortunately, the half-orc doesn’t know me, because that just made me dig in even deeper. I messaged the boy to ask him to unbutton one of his buttons if he was in trouble. The next time I walked by, his left cuff button was undone. I asked the captain of the airship to intervene. He obliged and as it turns out. The boy is a member of the royal family that rules over the Underdark.

Apparently, during all of the commotion of saving the boy, Grey had disappeared. We looked all over the airship, but we were unable to locate him. We will have to investigate the matter further once we land.

Until next crime,
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