On a Binge in Great Bellville

We arrived in Great Bellville missing one Grey. We went to look for him in the surrounding woods. Apparently, he had been kidnapped by a harpy while on the airship. He managed to fight it off and we were able to recover him.

We then started our investigation into the Wickerweed trade in Great Bellville. I was able to find a dealer who gave me information about the Aphidian Network, and where I could find the place it was being produced in a basement below the Glittering Perfumery.

While everything didn’t go exactly according to plan. We were able to destroy the production facility, and no one knows that we were the ones who did it. Unfortunately, I inhaled a large amount of Wickerweed smoke during the infiltration, and that’s about the last thing that I remember from that night.

We are now making our exhausting journey to Bauchella (Not sure about the spelling) to meet the royal family.
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