Royal Endevors
Well, we have finally made it to the underground. And, even better than that, we know where Jax is and will be meeting up with him soon. In the meantime, we're playing dress up to attend a heroes dinner because, well, apparently we are, in fact, heroes.

Anyway, I'm not terribly keen on royalty myself, as an outsider, I've never found anyone in high standing who genuinely cares about anyone like me, so this is not my idea of a good time. It is rather beautiful, though. I've also gotten to witness some pretty scandalous things here, so, that's fun.

As always, it feels like something is about to go wrong. This whole thing with the Stygian has us all a little on edge, but I really just want to learn more about it, if I can...

Kit's ghost that is apparently always present did not like when we tried to do an exorcism ritual on her, so, even though she is very irritated with me, I've been hovering around her like a mother hen. I just don't want anything to happen to her or to anyone around her. Presumably it will be fine as long as we don't try another ritual, though, but I have to wonder what sort of entity it is and what it wants.

Anyway, we will be attending the actual dinner this evening, hopefully everything runs smoothly.
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