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Mr Iverson,
Mr Iverson,

During our seemingly prosaic journey to Larton, we were involved in the apprehension of some thieves aboard our train. They proved to be no match for our group. Everyone was quite impressive in their fighting abilities including the thieves. It seemed like I met my match for a while there but everything worked out in the end. The thieves were handed over to the local authorities once we reached our destination. Kit was able to negotiate with the railroad company and we were given vouchers for a future train ride for our actions. We are going to see a cleric in Larton about a job.


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UnBEARable Train Ride
Mr. Iverson,

I hope this communication finds you well. I am a bit exhausted from fighting off thieves with their bears...

As we boarded the train for Larton, all seemed fine, we sat down for dinner, and everything was going great. Then Kit saw a white figure out of the corner of her eye and it was all downhill from there. Not the train ride, just the experience... Kit and I walked around trying to find this elusive white figure, to no avail, when I heard something on the roof of the train.

We went to the closest car with an accessible roof door and a nice, maybe human, lady magic-ed the door open for me. I climbed up and saw something very faint and yelled "hello" and they ran towards the back of the train, so Kit and I followed inside the train to meet them.

We got to the back where everyone's luggage was and the nice attendant allowed us back once we explained the situation to him. We found a druid casting something so I ducked out of the way and told Kit in hopes that she could do something back, she hit him with fireballs. After he was joined by some friends and a bit of combat, we managed to knock them out or tie them up until we got to Larton to hand them over to the authorities.

We found a small broken piece of pottery that seemed to be what the thieves were looking for, or at least part of what they were looking for, so we kept it.

As we were exiting the train, Kit's eyes went white and then she says she has seen the figure again. So, we're going to speak to the cleric about that when we meet with them.

Quite an eventful train ride. Please let me know if you need anything from me.

Thank you,
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Jailed Bears

I thought we were just going to have a nice quiet train ride from Gold City to Larton, but I should have known better.
About a half-hour into the train ride I noticed a white-robed figure that disappeared quickly after I noticed it out of my peripheral vision. More on that later.

Anyway, Bastet heard a thump on the roof of the train car we were riding in. We went to the nearest roof hatch to investigate. She saw a figure heading to the caboose, where all the luggage was being held. So we raced to the back of the train to intercede.
We were able to stop them. And I recovered an artifact that I first heard about in Aynbury. Not sure what it’s for or who it belongs to. Maybe we will make it back there someday and I will be able to return it.

After all the criminals were turned over to the proper authorities, I had a strange vision. The figure in white robes appeared to me again, it stated that “Someone awakens the darkness.” I’m really freaked out about it, but luckily, we are going to see a cleric about our next mission. So hopefully they will be able to help.

Until next crime,

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je suis encore à la préparation. Nous avons de 3 à 4 héros.
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test two
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