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Journal Entry 6: Under the Sea
Journal of Gibbs
Cerberus Assembly Order of Dunamantic Inquiry

Baroness Iresor,

Before I begin this update, I would like to make a request of the Assembly. I believe my mission may soon take me into the remnants of the wild magic zone that was discovered near the Port Zoon region along the Menagerie coast some time ago. As I understand it, this region leaves a scar of magic upon those who enter it. I also understand that Master Doolan Tversky of the Assembly produces a cure for this ailment. If I could procure this cure for a discounted price (or learn the formula so that I could synthesize my own) it would be greatly beneficial to my mission. Thank you for your consideration.

Now, where was I?

After repelling the Clovis Concord naval vessel, we continued on our course towards the sunken ruins of Palma Flora. Our group confronted Captain Three-rings (Leon was deeply upset by the use of lethal force against honest soldiers). We learned that the magical scepter used by the Sahaguin leader was, in-fact, originally property of the Revelry Pirates under the guard of Captain Three-rings.

I'm not proud of slaughtering those Clovis Concord soldiers... but I hope that you can see it was necessary for the success of my mission and the safety of the Dwendalian Empire.

I spoke with Heidi and rested while she manned the helm of the Wavechaser. I must say, there is a lot more depth to her than simply being a "bikini babe"...

We arrived at the coordinates of the sunken ruins early in the afternoon. We prepared our potions of water breathing and were about to begin diving to the bottom of the ocean; however, the Sahaugin were more interested in bringing the fight to us!

Nearly a dozen Sahaugin boarded the Wavechaser accompanied by giant shark/humanoid hybrids. Once again, the pirate crew assisted us in the fight. It was a bloody mess. Captain Three-rings nearly had her head bitten off. Leon almost went down as well but was able to call upon his "second-wind" (something he says he used to do often working 16-hour shifts). The orc-druid pirate successfully blasted some of the boarders off the side of the boat with a thunderwave spell. I, myself, scored three kills. Once again, Sunshine's divine healing magic was integral to our victory.

After a brief rest, we dove into the Lucidian Ocean and prepared to bring the fight to the Sahuagin. The normally crystal clear water was murky with detritus from the sunken island. We descended for about 80 ft before reaching the sandy bottom. Making use of our mariner's armor we stealthily surveyed the ruins of Palma Flora. The Sahuagin chief stood over the corpses of several "bikini babes" and, with a wave of her scepter, transformed them into grotesque shark creatures.

Utilizing the three dimensional-environment provided by neutral buoyancy, Ashok and I set up a multi-vector assault on the chief. With a single swing of “crab-cracker,” Ashok imploded the skull of the Sahuagin chief. I moved in and grabbed the rod of retribution from its lifeless hands. The rest of the group easily mopped-up the remaining Sahuagin. To our collective shock, as the Sahuagin chief breathed its last breath it’s body exploded as tentacles strewn with eyes surged out of the cloud of diffusing blood. The tentacles coiled around the corpse of the chief and pulled it into a black rift in space that then disappeared immediately afterward. We located the locked chest that chief Kaimana alluded to and secured it before returning to the surface (after performing a 3-minute safety-stop to prevent decompression sickness)

Back on-board the Wavechaser, there was a tense exchange between our group and Captain Three-rings. But in the end, she paid out 500 gp to each of us, as promised, in exchange for the rod of retribution. (I believe Sunshine has squandered much of her share in a vain attempt to receive training from the savage orc-druid crewmate).

We’ve set a course to return to Port Damali but I can’t help but think that, against my better judgment, this new-found group of companions might be of assistance to Ashok and I in our mission for the Assembly. Sunshine may be naive, but there is no questioning her divine connection to Cyrollae. Leon could choke the life out of an adult dragon I think, and the skills he picked up working in the service industry do seem to come in handy. Tichu should prove useful in future encounters with the military arm of the Clovis Concord (as long as he stays the fuck away from Heidi…) I know this goes against protocol, but I think I’m going to ask if the group would be willing to help Ashok and I by accompanying us to the ruins of Sebseska.

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Fish and Flames in Silvery Minnow

We were able to locate Zuzi in Silvery Mino. There was a bit of a snag in our research, however. A mad man who claims to be a follower of the Stygian blew up Zuzi’s house and burned invaluable books that we could have used to get more information. Zuzi was able to tell us some of the history of the Stygian though. So it wasn’t a total loss.

I’m not sure what to make of these “followers of the Stygian”. I’ve been seeing a spirit lately that has been warning us to be careful. Apparently the Stygian fears us for some reason. I have a couple of theories, based on what I currently know, is that these “followers” are extremists radicalized by some sort of evil force claiming to be the Stygian. From what I’ve gathered, the Stygian is a neutral force, so it doesn’t make much sense for it to be commanding folks to commit acts of evil and violence. Perhaps the Stygian was corrupted by madness of some sort. Or perhaps the Stygian is seeking vengeance against those who locked it away. Zuzi told us that Mya created a weapon to destroy the Stygian. I don’t think that is possible. I think that they sealed the Stygian away in what we now call the Wastelands. They probably weren’t wastelands at the time, but the Stygian sundered the land in rage against being sealed there, and now the seal is weakening.

In other news, Jaxon has disappeared. He was last seen boarding a boat with an attractive female. I don’t know why he left without telling any of us what was going on, but I have to trust in his ability-

I have to cut this short, we just received word that a body has washed up on the bank of the river.

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How to run Instagram
How to run Instagram
The number of users of the popular photo hosting is growing every day, so the question of how to keep Instagram so that people subscribe more actively comes up before bloggers. Before the advent of the smart news feed, gaining an audience was easy.

The publications were displayed to all subscribers at the right time, collected likes and got into the TOP. Now you need to make an effort to find and retain your target audience.

To promote your own business or keep an interesting blog, you need to know how Instagram works. If you approach the study of this topic with responsibility, you can make an account on the insta your main source of income. Therefore, we will tell novice Instagrammers and entrepreneurs about the rules for maintaining a page.

Things to think about before signing up for Instagram

It is sometimes difficult to start doing something new. But it is even more difficult not to "burn out" and not quit this occupation in a month. Therefore, before starting your blog from scratch on Instagram, you need to ask yourself 3 questions:
1. Why do I need a page on Instgaram?
2. How can I be useful to people, and what information can I share with them?
3. Am I ready to spend time and money every day to promote my account?

Before registering, it is important to understand that it will take patience to achieve the result. After all, there has never been such a thing that popularity fell on the head for no reason, no reason.

For a successful instagram, you need to constantly create content. It should have a certain meaning in order to arouse the interest of followers. You must first choose a blog topic and write posts based on it. To promote a recently registered account, it is advisable to draw up a publication schedule for 2-3 months in advance.

How to choose a theme for your blog

To keep your Instagram account successful, think about what you want to tell your followers. In what area do you consider yourself an expert? And for which category of people will you write? We select 2 (maximum 3) topics that we understand and are of interest to us. We categorically do not recommend "squeezing" out of yourself the texts that you do not like, but is now relevant.
Of course, posts about proper nutrition, home workouts and photo editing can gain a large audience. But keep in mind that you will have to write about this every day, so you should really like the topic.
Analyze your everyday life - what are your hobbies? What do you like to do in your free time? What topics do you discuss with your friends? At first, it may seem that choosing a topic for maintaining a page on Instagram is difficult, since everything has already been told before you. But in Insta, the presentation of information attracts attention. You are the main reason users want to subscribe. Be yourself, because sincerity is one of the keys to success.

Stages of page design on Instagram

A person who decides to maintain a page on Instagram must first install the official application on his smartphone. To do this, go to the AppStore or GooglePlay software store, enter “Instagram” in the search and download the software.

After successful installation, go to the application to register a new account. On the main page, enter your email and password (if necessary, you can link your account to a Facebook page). As soon as the page is created, you can proceed to the step-by-step algorithm for its design.

1. Choosing an avatar
For everyone who does not know how to blog on Instagram, it is important to make a high-quality ava. This is the main profile photo that potential followers pay attention to. It is desirable that the avatar be simple, but immediately striking.
As the main photo, you can choose your close-up portrait (or another photo where you can be clearly seen). Brand owners and sole proprietors can place a corporate logo on their backs.

2. Username
The username should be short but clear. We do not recommend writing very long nicknames consisting of a set of all symbols and punctuation marks in a row. According to the rules of Instagram, the search engine of the social network sends such nicknames to the last positions in the search results.
The main difficulty when choosing a username is that almost all popular names are already taken. Therefore, it is necessary to show imagination in order to come up with something memorable and unique. A nickname can include your name, brand name, or a phrase that reflects the topic of the page. For example, if you blog about makeup, you can include the word "makeup" in your nickname. If you have your own pastry shop, you can add “sweet” to your username.

3. Profile header
Here should be indicated data that allows a potential subscriber to get to know you better. You can tell people what they can read about on your blog (highlight the main topic). Listing all the topics, at least somehow flickering on your page, can turn your profile header into a vinaigrette. Users will get the impression that there is no specificity in the profile.

In order not to rack your brains over how to beautifully conduct Instagram, it is important to avoid common phrases, to find something that will set you apart from the crowd. In the "About Me" section, abstract words like "mother of many children, I like to cook and travel" can be turned into their own "zest". For example, you can write: "I'll tell you that traveling with children is possible and NECESSARY." As other examples, we give: "I will expose fashion brands", "I am simply talking about the difficult", "I will show you in a story where to eat deliciously."

Visual design of the feed of publications in Instagram

After we have designed our page, you can start filling it with content. To plan the appearance of your account, we recommend downloading the UNUM mobile application. Here you can move pictures in places, see how they will be combined with each other. You need to think over the design in advance so that your profile will become your business card in the future.

Instagram is now popular with "live" photos, which are processed to a minimum. Photo and video materials should be combined with each other with a common gamut of colors or some other accent. Being successful on Instagram means creating a variety of content because it's easier to mix and match. For example, you can alternate between personal photos, cityscape shots, layouts, and more. An account with only the same type of pictures looks boring. Can you track an instagram account? Yes.

Insta's color scheme can be maintained in both white and dark tones. It is important to understand here that, having chosen a certain shade, it must be adhered to constantly. When posting photos, the Instagrammer must choose 2-3 colors that will always complement the pictures. To maintain a page in a single style / color, you can use the built-in social network filters. There are also third-party applications for this.
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Journal Entry 5: "A moral gray area"
Journal of Gibbs
Cerberus Assembly Order of Dunamantic Inquiry

Baroness Iresor,

Thank you again for your recent communique. I have an urgent update for the assembly regarding a recent encounter with the Clovis Concord navy. I should probably start at the beginning...

The "Wavechaser" delivered our group, along with the Palma Flora refugees, back to Port Damali. Our plan was to stop for a period of less than 24 hours in the port in order to procure supplies for our underwater journey to combat the Sahuagin threat.

In town, Sunshine was able to leverage her connection to Cyrrolae (and some delicious-looking crabcakes) to obtain "mariner's armor" for the entire group from Avi and Embric at the Steem and Steel forge. At the Correlon's Crown potion shop, Sunshine was again able to negotiate a bargain price for a water breathing/healing potion package. I tried to persuade the shop owner , Falla Lefaliir, to go even lower but she refused. However, she did propose an alternative arrangement: free potions and in exchange our group would "find the crazy bastard [that killed her daughter] and get his head."

The last known position of Falla's daughter exactly matched the alley near the docks where a shape-changing creature attempted to lure our group into an ambush. On the way to the alley, Ashok confirmed that a serial killer named "Stain" was currently on the loose and hunting adventurers. Apparently, serial murders are a regular occurrence every 5-10 years in Port Damali... At the alley, I directed the group to set up a standard pincer maneuver with Sunshine playing the role of bait. Ashok and I moved to flank and encountered several Myriad gang members playing dice. Displaying my Myriad tattoo and offering a small bribe was enough to persuade the gang members to assist us in taking out "Stain."

Unfortunately, Stain was more skilled at deception than I gave him credit for... Two of the Myriad members vanished into thin air while the last revealed himself as the blood-stained serial killer. The coward tried to stab Ashok in the back before fleeing onto a roof. Ashok and I pursued. Stain tried to roll away but Ashok stunned him with a mace blow to the back. Leon knocked him off his feet and grappled his arms. Stain let out a demonic screech before I swiftly beheaded him with my Glaive. Sunshine was... shocked at the level of violence... A nearby dumpster full of bodies was all the evidence needed to confirm the identity of Stain the serial killer.

Ashok identified and claimed the magical dagger Stain was using (in addition to a haversack of holding). However, Tichu insisted that the dagger be turned over to the Zhelezo guard as additional evidence. Naturally, I supported Ashok's claim on the magical item as property of the Cerberus Assembly. After some debate the group decided to have the dagger examined by a "neutral party" at the Bookwyrm's Treasure. Much to my surprise, the Bookwyrm's Treasure is run by dragonborn graduate of the Cerberus Assembly (although he claims to have no association with the Assembly at present). I thought that this dragonborn would surely support Ashok's claim on behalf of the Assebmly; however, Ashok quickly left the shop without presenting the dagger. I confronted Ashok and he claimed that only a "true" Assembly member should inspect the dagger. Moments later I overheard Ashok tell Sunshine that the dragonborn was not a "true neutral party" because of his education at the Assembly.

I'm not sure what's going on, but I'm becoming more concerned about Ashok. Perhaps the death of Grumsharr at the hands of the Xanathar Mind-Flayer is weighing more heavily on him than I realize...

We returned to Correlon's Crown with Stain's severed head in the haversack and claimed our free potions. We then headed back to Trollskull Manor to retire for the evening. Outside the manor, two of the bikini babes from Palma Flora were waiting for us. Tichu, who seemed quite enamored with the tiefling female, agreed to employ both women at Trollskull Manor when it re-opens as a restaurant.

In the morning, we met captain Three-rings at the docks and once again set sail on the Wavechaser, headed for the sunken ruins of Palma Flora. I apologized to Heidi for my previous display of contempt for Chief Kaimana... She smiled at me and proceeded to chug an entire pint of ale (she claims it is the source of her divine powers from Ozrikotep).

We weren't at sea long before a naval vessel from the Clovis Concord began to pursue us. To my surprise, captain Three-rings ordered her crew to flee the vessel at their best possible speed. I asked Heidi what was happening: apparently not all of captain Three-rings dealings are entirely legal within the Clovis Concord and she has been known to associate with the Revelry Pirates.

Despite the crew's efforts, the naval vessel overtook the Wavechaser. Captain Three-rings hid below deck and ordered everyone to make no mention of her. We quickly organized a deception as Clovis Concord soldiers boarded the ship: Leon was to be the captain (he is the best dressed after all), I would be first-officer (discarding my Assembly robes for now), Heidi the navigator, and Sunshine the chef.

A pompous looking Lieutenant Commander boarded the ship, puffing a pipe and introducing himself as Vasqueer Loth. Leon did his best to sell the deception, but the commander just wasn't buying it. He ordered his men to begin a search of the ship immediately.

I... don't know what came over me... Perhaps it was my desire not to return to prison. Perhaps it was my drive to succeed in my mission at all costs. Perhaps it was my wish not to see Heidi harmed by this fucking asshole. Whatever it was, I lunged forward and impaled the commander with my glaive. Ashok followed suit and began bashing the commander's brains in with his mace. In a matter of seconds, Ashok and I butchered Lieutenant Commander Vasqueer Loth (I stabbed his eyeball out with his own fucking pipe).

Violence erupted all over the ship: the Wavechaser crew and our group vs the Clovis Concord soldiers. I know I am often quick to dismiss Sunshine, but I must conceded that we would not have prevailed in the battle without her divine healing powers.

The Clovis Concord vessel fled at full speed as we began throwing the corpses of their boarding party over the side of the Wavechaser.

There is about to be a very interesting discussion with Captain Three-rings...
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Journal Entry 4: Island Adventure
Journal of Gibbs
Cerberus Assembly Order of Dunamantic Inquiry

My apologies for the delay in communication... It has been an eventful past couple of days.

After much debate, Leon the Servant and Sunshine the Hippie eventually agreed to outsource the renovation of Trollskull Manor. This should appease the undead spirits living there and also allow us to eventually sell the place to Gwynva so that she can open another shitty chain restaurant. Hopefully my share of the profits will be enough to purchase some better equipment.

Ashok and I then decided the best place to begin our search for the Luxon beacon would be the ruins just north of Palma Flora. Fortunately, we have already secured transport there (thanks to the "all expenses paid" tickets gifted to us by Gwynva). Even more fortunately, the rest of the party is travelling there as well, to spectate the annual bikini contest. (Note: Ashok seems more interested in "bikini babes" than his mission for the Assembly, I'm beginning to worry about him...)

Speaking of the party, we have a new member now: it seems that Tichu, the tiefling city guard captain, has decided to accompany our group in order to "assess any potential threats to the south." However, I suspect his true motive is to spectate the bikini contest.

We departed for Palma Flora from the Port Damali docks onboard a ship crewed by a Tabaxi captain with three earrings (aptly referred to as "three rings" by her crew). The party wasted no time availing themselves of free alcohol... I held Sunshine's hair for her as she puked over the side of the ship. I inquired with one of the crew (a rather attractive cleric of Ozrikotep named Heidi) about the ruins near Palma Flora, but she was unable to provide any useful intel. Still... I enjoyed our conversation.

The sun was beginning to set over the Lucidian Ocean as we arrived in Palma Flora. Leon the Servant jumped off the ship and ran towards the complimentary dinner buffet. Sunshine traded recipes with the island's chef. I inquired about the ruins with some locals and learned that the native shark hunters might have some useful information. I ordered a delicious bowl of poke and joined the party for a few drinks before retiring for the night (Ashok looked like he had a few too many...)

The next morning, locals and tourists alike gathered on the beach for the bikini contest. The shark hunters were present as well. Apparently it is something of a tradition for the winner of the bikini contest to be awarded a shark tooth necklace. The "bikini beauties" included an orc, a human, a half elf, and half tabaxi (I didn't realize that was possible...). Heidi, the cleric of Ozrikotep, participated as well. I abstained from voting (it would be unprofessional for an operative of the Cerberus Assembly to participate in a beauty pageant). However, if I did vote it would have been for Heidi...

"Barbkini" won the competition and had just been awarded the necklace when all hell broke loose. Tremors shook the island and the ocean surged as vicious Sahuagin warriors stormed the beach alongside giant enemy crabs. As the crowd watched in horror, one of the fish-folk ripped out Barbkini's heart! The shark hunters and our party defeated the initial group of Sahuagin in combat; however, more of them stormed the island and began pillaging and raiding. Captain three-rings called for an evacuation of the island. The ocean continued to rise as we made our way through the carnage towards the ship, rescuing as many locals as we could. As we pushed off from the docks less than half the island remained above water: this was no mere storm surge... the island was sinking!

Tichu spotted several bikini beauties stranded on a small patch of land. Captain three-rings altered course to rescue them. One of them tried swimming towards the ship... and was promptly mauled by a giant shark... We rescued the others just as their patch of land disappeared into the Lucidian Ocean. Fortunately, Heidi had already made it safely onto the ship. There was nothing left of Palma Flora.

Captain three-rings set course for Port Damali with the surviving refugees and called our party into her quarters to discuss the situation. Apparently the Sahuagin have a new leader with some sort of magical scepter. The captain believed this new leader ordered the attack on Palma Flora and tasked us with defeating him. But first, we must obtain provisions for an underwater journey from Port Damali.

On the voyage back I was finally able to obtain some information about the ruins near Palma Flora. I spoke with chief Kaimana of the Ki'Nau (the indigenous people of Palma Flora). According to the chief, the Ki'Nau were "tricked" into building a temple over a thousand years ago. Realizing their deception, the Ki'Nau sealed up the temple. The tribe then split: some prayed to a fire god and built Palma Flora, others prayed to a water god and became the Sahuagin fish-folk. In order to open the ruins I will need the logs of the past Ki'Nau chieftains and "a piece of wood" (both of which can be found in a watertight chest left in the chief's house, now presumably at the bottom of the ocean). The chest can be opened with the shark-tooth necklace given to the bikini contest winner. Thankfully Tichu grabbed the necklace from Barbkini's corpse before she was consumed by sharks...

Taking a security risk, I asked the chief is he is aware of a connection between the Luxon and these ancient ruins. He was unable to provide information on possible Luxon beacon locations but I did learn something about Ki'Nau religion: The Ki'Nau refer to their fire god as "Tafiti" but amongst outsiders there is suspicion that the god they are really praying to is Asmodeus, the leader of the nine hells. I pressed the chief for more information about the Luxon but he grew annoyed with me. I may have called him a "fucking savage" as I left... which I'm pretty sure Heidi overheard because she no longer has an interest in talking to me.

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