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The Moon Dragon
With the help of our guide Heyphel we did not get lost on our walk to the Pool of Tears. Somehow we talked our way past the Guardians and were allowed to approach Her. It was a strange, timeless place, filled with sorrow beyond reckoning. We paid our respects, but eventually we had to move the shroud to find the focus we required.

When Kayla touched the drape, it whipped around, as if caught in a violent wind. Everything went white, until a platform, alone in a void, was all we could see. She greeted us, and expressed Her regret that the gaze of Her sister had fallen on us. We spoke for a time, and She said that She had no reason to stop us, though She warned us again that if we went, we would die. Before dismissing us, She said we were worthy of our bloodlines.

Still, before we could continue our journey to our dooms, there were a few things left here to take care of. The Lightbringers, here, is not something we can allow to fester any longer. The power they gain here, unchecked, could spell disaster for us in our own realm.

And, more significant to me, personally; The Moon Dragon, Lumarraxius, Wings of the Brilliant Moon resides here, and I carried the object stolen from her long ago.

I was determined to make it as right as I could. No matter how frightening to face her, I had to do it. I certainly could not bring myself to continue on our way, walking to my death, without returning what I had taken.

And when she told me what I had taken, I was glad. Her child. Pae'Lu had taken her child. I trembled at the thought of how... cavalier I had been with it, considering. But it lived (thank the Gods), and its mother regarded me with an icy fury.

Still, I can only hope that my sincere tone of regret and apology, and my forthright acknowledgment of the harm I caused worked to ease her temper a little. At least, she did not kill me where I stood.

She has extracted a promise that, should we live through our task, I will return to her and face my fate. It perhaps felt like a mere stay of execution, but it is surely better than the opposite. Still, I made the promise willingly and sincerely. I can only hope I live long enough to fulfill our bargain.

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Journal Entry 2: into the sewers
Journal of Gibbs
Cerberus Assembly Order of Dunamantic Inquiry

Fucking hell it must be 4 o'clock in the morning... but the search for Volo's gay lover continues, Floon Bragmar, continues. Perhaps the assembly will see fit to award me a livable stipend on my next assignment to spare me running errands in order to pay for provisions.

Even as the Zhelezo city guards entered the Myriad warehouse there was some debate amongst the "party" as to what to do with the stolen goods. Sunshine the Hippie was actually naïve enough to suggest tracing the ownership of the silver bars. Leon the Servant drafted a charter document to establish our group as a non-profit entity, the Good Citizens Society for the Advancement of Goodwill and Defense of the Honest Man. He even included a provision so that, "Spoils of battle can be utilized to pay for modest salaries to us and towards any reasonable expenses which benefit mankind." I respect his initiative (and clerical skills); however, as you are well aware, I would never agree to any contract that might create a conflict of interest with my work for the Cerberus Assembly. In the end, we agreed to keep the silver and leave the paintings hidden in the warehouse with Raenar Rhymer so that they might be auctioned off at a later date (for an outrageous 30% fee no less).

The Zhelezo guard, led by a tiefling captain named "Tichu", arrived and immediately accused us of the slaughter in the warehouse. Leon, Ashok, and I convinced them of our innocence while Sunshine cowered in fear that she might be "in trouble." We interrogated the lone kenku survivor from the Xanathar Guild and learned that yellow markings of some type might lead us toward the Guild hideout in the sewers of Port Damali. After that the Zhelezo guards executed the fowl bird. I assumed that Sunshine would have been appalled by this act of violence but she actually showed some interest in cooking and eating the creature, there may be hope for her yet...

I convinced Tichu to accompany us to the sewers and assist in our raid on the Xanathar Guild hideout and rescue operation (Leaving out my association with Myriad for now...) At the entrance to the sewers we encountered some light resistance from some clouds of smoke. There was also what appeared to be an infant beholder of some sort and let me tell you I SMITED THE SHIT OUT OF THAT THING! Ashok led us into the sewers (poor Sunshine... the shit was nearly up to her neck in there). Apparently, Leon the Servant has been living in the sewers for some time. I do wonder how he keeps the three-piece suit smelling so clean...

Deeper into the sewers we encountered more resistance from some goblin archers (motherfucking hidden doors...) Leon the Servant shot one in the head and I split the other in two. Ashok encountered the fucking drunkard from the "Dimension Door" but Leon choked the life out of him with his bare hands. A dwarf came at Leon with a mining pick but I cracked his skull open with the blunt end of my glaive.

There is still more of these sewers to explore... but for now there is another interrogation to conduct...
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Journal Entry 1
Journal of Gibbs
Cerberus Assembly Order of Dunamantic Inquiry

I have arrived in Port Damali and made contact with Ashok, the local Cerberus Assembly representative. Port Damali is even more of a shithole than I imagined. They actually allow people to roam the streets begging for money... I arranged to meet Ashok at "The Dimension Door," a shitty chain restaurant that had recently opened in town.

While waiting for Ashok I gathered what intel I could in the restaurant. As you are well aware, during my time in prison I was initiated into the Myriad crime syndicate. Apparently there is something of a turf war brewing between Myriad and the Xanathar guild in this city. At the Dimension Door, I spoke with a half orc Myriad member named Yagrah Stonefist who indicated the the Xanathar guild had recently stolen and artifact of interest from Myriad.

I also met several other "characters" at the Dimension Door:

Sunshine: A fucking hippie halfling cleric. I remembered her from my stay at one of the way houses of Cyrrollalee. She makes delicious apple turnovers that appear to grant magical fortitude to those who eat them.

Leon: Seeking employment in the service industry, former servant of a noble house. He possesses a single outfit of clothing: a three piece suit. (Please note that the Cerberus Assembly may be liable for damage I caused to this suit during a combat that I will later describe).

After conversing with these "characters" I thought that the evening was beginning to wind down, when suddenly things became interesting. Apparently, so many drunken idiots in this shithole of a town had puked their guts out into this goddamn well that they conjured several oozes. Leon, Sunshine, the bar-maiden, and myself dispatched them easily. As a show of gratitude the bar-maiden offered us a complementary all-expenses-paid trip to Palma Flora. Perhaps I will take her up on this offer when my work for the Assembly is done. That's when Ashok finally fucking showed up.

I thought I was about to bid farewell to these "characters" but since the Assembly has not seen fit to even grant me enough of a stipend to afford basic lodging in this goddamn city I am compelled to perform meaningless errands for whoever is willing to offer me some coin so I don't have to sleep out on the street like fucking Leon the Servant. As luck would have it, Volo (of "Volo's guide to monsters" fame) was at the Dimension Door and was willing to pay handsomely for our "party" to find his gay lover (Floon Bragmar) who had disappeared the other night while drinking with another man at the "Skewered Dragon". And so, my new companions and I left for the slums to find this gay lover.

On the way, we encountered bodies in the street (more evidence of the ongoing turf war between Myriad and the Xanathar guild). We also found some signs of a domestic dispute between one Lyllia and some jackass named Roland who had allowed their farm to be sold off to someone named Dunwill. I cannot allow the problems of common folk to interfere with my mission for the Assembly. Following a local tip, we determined that Floon and another man named Raynar Rhymer (son of some fucking big-shot auction house owner) were likely abducted by Myriad members and taken to a warehouse on Candle Lane.

I had hoped to leverage my Myriad connection to defuse the situation non-violently but when we arrived at the warehouse the Myriad members had already been slaughtered by Kenku members of the Xanathar guild. I was almost slain by the Kenku who remained in the warehouse but I must say that these "characters" I've met know how to hold their own in combat. After searching the warehouse we discovered Raynar Rhymer who indicated that Floon was likely still with the Xanathar guild at their main hideout in the sewers of Port Damali. Raynar also corroborated Yagrah's story about the Xanathar Guild recently stealing an artifact ("the stone of galor") from Myriad and this precipitating the current conflict between them.

In this warehouse we have recovered several valuable paintings, some silver bars, and a chest labelled "Property of Cliff Tinkertop".

We are departing the warehouse now but I can already hear the footsteps of the city guard downstairs. This should be an interesting situation to explain...
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Possession is 9/10th's of the law
Okay, Mr Iverson. I need to ask you for a way to get some information about the Stygian. We solved the case of the missing bird, but it has brought about so much more that I have questions about.

While interrogating one of the people responsible for the theft during the fire, she became possessed. The entity that possessed her claimed to be Stygian. I would like to determine if this is true or not and would like to learn as much as possible about it. If you have any suggestions on where I could obtain material, I would greatly appreciate it.

We are still investigating the cause of the fire, but in the meant time, I did have to purchase a rather expensive beverage for the purposes of solving the case of the stolen artifact and I was wondering if I could possibly get that 2 gold back whenever it's convenient for you.

Please do let me know if there is any specific information you would like to receive before our next check in.
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A Bird in the Hand is Worth a Couple of Years in Prison

We are still working on the main arson and murder investigation in Larton. We were able to pick up a side mystery. During the arson, an artifact of Shelyn was taken. It was a crystal bird.

As it turns out it was a crime of opportunity. A Dragonborn who owns a magic shop in the city saw the fire and made her way inside the temple to steal the artifact. Apparently, she had tried to buy the artifact from the temple several times. She was going to sell the artifact to a Nobel woman in the city.

Ashley is her name. She falsely accused Jaxson of being a pervert.

We have smoothed things over with the guard, and we are continuing our investigation into the arson and triple homicide in the morning.

Until next crime,

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