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Super-duper Boss Battle
In the early hours of the morning Prince Robot was awakened by a strange message tube from Ryan, Ban, Wall-E, and Oricle. He rushed to Jazzo's estate where he was in time to find a chaotic scene.

Oricle and Ryan had fused the Noobilek into a solid mass of metal with a molecular bonder in an effort to stop Vangel from opening more Hellveigns.

Wall-E and Ban took the fight to Vangel and wounded him grievously.

Vangel, who lost what was left of his humanity and mind when he learned of the destruction of the orb, began to sacrifice Jazzo's brain-slaves to fuel a dark resurrection ritual. Jazzo himself was destroyed by vangel. With each sacrifice Vangel became stronger.

Vangel ignited the runes with his dark flame. Wall-E, in a desperate attempt to halt the ritual, flung the mindless body of a brain-slave into the growing rift that had opened in the conflux of the flaming runes.

A darkness stirred beyond the portal and as the lifeless body became incinerated by the blaze of energy a new voice spoke from beyond time and space. The ashes of the mind-slave swirled and coalesced into a new form that now stood amidst the chaos. The figure spoke. It was Arcturius Banesfellow. He had returned from his exile in the Void Chasm!

Arcturius Banesfellow and Vangel left in a flash of smoke and fire.

The brain-slaves who still had bodies were returned to their forms and freed. The vaults of Jazzo were appropriated by the Sloth Troop Captain Prince Robot. Sometimes it's hard being a t.v.-headed hover-sloth rider. Sometimes it seems like it might be easier to be a brain-slave...

(If we missed anything please add it in the comments section!)
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Goblin Band
The steward asked the young adventurers to take care of a goblin band attacking the city of Denosia. They were to wipe out the band, and bring back the leader for interrogation about possible connection to the Wizard Baem.

On their way into Denosia, the adventurers were attacked by goblins on the road. The last goblin tried to escape down a hidden path, but was stopped before he could get to the trail. The adventurers continued to town, determined to follow the path after a night's rest.

In the morning, the adventurers followed the trail to an abandoned keep. The keep was in ruins, but showed signs of repair. The characters approached stealthily, and took the goblins in the foyer by surprise, eliminating them easily. While searching the foyer, they found the stairs and entrance to the dining room to be trapped.

However, they also found a secret passage. The passage led down, to a dark area underneath the keep. The only feature they could see were the spider webs covering every surface and strung from the ceiling to the floor. When they began destroying the web, a giant spider attacked, defending its nest.

After defeating the spider, they explored the underground area, finding a mysterious column. Built of dark stone, and engraved in sigils, some glowing and some dark, they identified the column as a teleportation device of some sort.

Not wanting to tempt fate, they continued on their mission, finding a secret staircase that led them to the master bedroom of the keep. There, they subdued the hobgoblin leader. They decided to split the party, leaving the Paladin and Monk to deal with the remaining goblins, while the Sorcerer and Bard escorted the hobgoblin back to the capital.

In town, some of the townsfolk took offense to the hobgoblin's presence when the adventurers returned to secure their horses. The adventurers talked most of them out of attacking, but Jonan and three of his friends remained stubborn and attacked. The adventurers knocked them unconscious, and rode through the night to make it back to the capital with their prisoner.
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Session Recap 11/4/2014
Our current adventuring party, consisting of Antonius, Roland, Lia, and Nashoba begin to explore the muddy and smelly land outside of Castle Naetyar in the late afternoon. Neshoba cracked open the fishing gear and in an hour was able to reel in a spell in a bottle, given to Roland, the spell allowed him to see the thoughts of creatures and potentially manipulate them. Identifying the huts of the Bullywugs and the Lizardfolk, the party discovers a slew of penned up brontosaurs used for heavy lifting and pack hauling.

Remembering that Antonius still had several cult-member's robes, the party dons the purple garments and quickly realize that, though they've certainly been spotted, there hasn't been an arrow loosed nor any hostility from the amphibious workers in the castle.

Quickly, the party enters the castle, exploring first a war forge manned by lizardfolk who seem curious about the party's intentions. Finding a series of well oiled doors, the party is quickly backed into a corner as night fell and several lizardfolk proceeded to hold a secret meeting where our party was just standing!

Among the guttural conversation, the party hears talk of a revolt against the Bullywugs and a sacrifice to what would later be remembered as the name of the last known black dragon in the realm. Once the lizards return to their barracks, the party climbs up to the third floor over the forge to discover an attic lined with bones of all sorts of creatures. While investigating, a group of five giant spiders descend and attempt to make a feast out of our party. Lia quickly dispatched three of the spiders leaving Antonius to take out the rest while Neshoba launched arrows from afar and Roland was pinned to the wall with web.

The party made their way back to the open yard, now in the deep of night, made their way towards the chapel, a dilapidated room that had tributes to gods long past as well as an Onyx shrine to Tiamat. Neshoba, ever eager for something to impress the ladies with, finds a poisoned dagger hidden in the statue. The party finds a flight of stairs and travels up to the second floor, leading them to the study of Rezmir Wurmspeaker, the lead cultist that confronted them in the Dragon Hatchery and led the attack on Greenest.

Snooping in this room, Neshoba discovers the operation manual for a portal along with it's activation word. Also discovered is Rezmir's personal sanctuary to Tiamat. Sensing imminent danger, the party decides to test out the new scroll Roland acquired and began to probe the dreams of Rezmir, sleeping in the next room. Seeing images of lizardfolk carrying crates out of a hunting lodge in the mountains, and feeling a great sense of anxiety, Roland decides to attempt to plant a seed in her thoughts to attempt to cause her to turn against the cult and Tiamat. Unfortunately, the attempt failed but still left a sleeping Rezmir.

Lia and Roland devised a plan to kill her in her sleep with a charm spell, but as they entered her bedroom, an acid trap is triggered, knocking Roland out and Lia severely wounded. Awoken by the trap, Rezmir puts on her black dragon mask and commences with a half-dragon ass beating.

Lia and Antonius are able to whittle her health down, though not without seeing Death himself approach, and she flees under a veil of complete darkness into the night.

Lia dons a new set of +1 platemail armor and the party struggles to catch their breath as the rest of the castle sleeps, and Rezmir now knows people are after her.
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Rise of the Runelords
The end of the Misgivings - part 1
Lenwë, Lubruk y Argos deciden terminar de revisar las cuevas, mientras Roff y Gim se quedan buscando cualquier cosa que pueda ser de utilidad en lo que parece ser la última residencia de Aldern Foxglove.

Volviendo al ojo de agua donde derrotaron a los goblin ghasts, y bajando con mucho cuidado hasta el borde del agua, inspeccionan el fondo de la pileta, con ayuda de luces danzantes. La pileta parece profunda, y el agua está turbulenta. Lenwë decide usar su poción para respirar bajo el agua y explorar qué hay debajo. Mientras desciende por la pileta, puede ver que se va ensanchando hasta formar una caverna con varios túneles en su pared noroeste. Usando el pico que Lubruk le arroja desde el borde (aunque sin saber que el semi orco no lo hizo para ayudarlo, sino para tratar de pescarlo, un divertimento que aparentemente era habitual en su infancia), el semi elfo comienza a explorar los túneles, amarrado al piso y resistiendo el ir y venir de la corriente submarina. Los túneles desembocan al mar, y tienen marcas de garras a su largo, que parecen pertenecer a un ghoul o un ghast. No encontrando más elementos significativos, decide retornar.

Dispuestos a explorar el resto de las cavernas, los tres se dirigen al único túnel que no recorrieron, que parece mucho más nuevo que el resto. Acercándose sigilosamente, Lenwë y luego Lubruk ven una criatura oscura, con alas, de unos tres metros de envergadura. Luego de sobreponerse al chillido que emite, deciden ir a por ella. Argos lo identifica como un skaveling, el resultado de un murciélago terrible que se ha alimentado de carne de no muertos. Luego de una corta aunque accidentada batalla (en la cual el semi orco resulta nuevamente paralizado), logran vencerlo, y después de decapitarlo, deciden ir a revisar nuevamente el parche de hongos amarillos que vieron a la entrada.

El bardo, identificándolo como una especie natural de hongos no mágica, aunque extremadamente peligrosa, decide prenderlo fuego. Con un zumbido metálico y un aroma a limones putrefactos, el hongo se vuelve cenizas. Inspeccionando más detenidamente la zona, encuentra un pico pesado +1, que reconoce como el que Aldern estaba usando en su visión para crear la entrada al complejo subterráneo.

Volviendo a buscar a sus compañeros, Argos decide que puede ser una buena idea tomar una muestra del hongo que crece en la pared, aunque delega la tarea de recolección a Lubruk. Mientras el semi orco demuestra una inesperada habilidad manual para recoger el hongo sin tocarlo, Argos y Lenwë inspeccionan desde lejos la pared. Para desconcierto -y preocupación- de este último, el mediano, si bien reconoce que la mancha tiene una forma que asemeja a un humanoide, no coincide con que replique exactamente la sombra del semi elfo, como le pareció ver apenas entraron a la habitación. Lubruk, escuchando la conversación y sobrecogido por la preocupación de sus compañeros, desenfunda su hacha doble y comienza a asestarle golpes al crecimiento tumoroso sobre la pared, abriendo grietas, arrancando pedazos de masa negra, pubescente, deforme y con cuernitos. Argos y Lenwë -un tanto sorprendidos- se quedan mirando a Lubruk, para luego acercarse rápidamente a la pared. Con desazón, y un poco de terror mal disimulado, observan que en los espacios generado por la doble hacha orca, nuevos crecimientos aparecen, cubriendo todo nuevamente en cuestión de minutos. Convencidos de que no tienen herramientas para combatir lo que cada vez más se asemeja a una criatura, toman la decisión de volver al pueblo y consultar a los expertos.
Session: 3.1 19° Sesión - 18 de Octubre de 2014 - Saturday, Oct 18 2014 from 1:30 PM to 6:30 PM
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Leana The Huntress
In the early morning hours Leana Alumclan, Torrian’s sister, was walking the hunting trails on the outskirts of Norin-stag, looking for a doe.

With an arrow nocked in her bow she slowly walked the game trail, following fresh tracks she found. After a while, she noticed a couple more tracks joined the pair she was already following. Hoping to kill multiple deer for the butcher she was hunting for, Leana began to run along the trail. Now mid-day, she saw that the group of deer began running from something. As Leana ran further she noticed the tracks started to dwindle in numbers until, there were no tracks at all. “What in the world is going on…” She began to think, when she looked up and saw that there was five deer carcasses mangled and torn to pieces, hanging in the trees. Leana found she was also standing in a clearing in the woods, and now with fear in her mind, she sprinted back through the forest as she heard an ear piercing roar from above her. A large bird of prey started following her and began swooping down, attempting to clutch her in its talons. Leana started jumping around trees and under logs trying to evade the large bird. She looked further up here path and saw a fallen pile of logs with a ten foot drop below it. Formulating a plan in her head, Leana ran for the pile. After she made it to the fallen trees, she stopped and looked up, seeing the bird flying straight for her, talons open. “Just a little closer...” She thought. As the bird was fifteen feet from her, she jumped backwards off the pile and loosed two arrows at the bird, finding their marks, they burrowed into the birds eyes killing it instantly. The bird plummeted to the ground head first making a loud crash. Leana then launched another arrow from her bow, this one with a rope tied to it, into a tree to save her from the fall. After landing safely, she walked up to the bird and said aloud. “Well, I always wanted to try the meat of a large bird.” She then began to haul the bird back to Norin-stag’s butcher shop, excited for a good day’s pay.
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