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Season 1, Episode 9 - "Bloodied"
While recovering from the battle with Cerrunos, thoughts turn to the lead Morrigan left with Stan. Rather than charge into Baltimore after the vampire covens, where they will be on unfamiliar territory and outnubered, the group decides to attempt to draw in the youth vampire they encountered before. [Remember? Back in Episode Two -ed]

In a warehouse by the river, the trap is set. Stan attracts some attention from the police in the course of setting explosives but it able to to back out of custody.

Vladimir Baltensign appears to be in Baltimore from the scrying, but the note he left should be enough of a lure, so IV uses it to summon him. They track him coming up through New Jersey, and sense but cannot stop him from feeding, As dawn approaches, he has not arrived. IV and El Toro go dowsing and locate the vampire safely ensconces in the local police station.

Just before sundown, a group of mooks come up from the water and attack Stan. He leads them over some explosives. He notes that they are armed with tranquilizers. It seems they may be off duty police, though is not clear whether they are dupes or thralls. The fight spreads out into the back lot, and into the larger room of the warehouse.

IV steps out of her warded office to check the security cameras. As she is distracted by the screens, two (count 'em, two) vampires enter the room. One is Vladimir and the other is an adult chaperone of some sort. It appears this is meant to be a lesson of some kind. IV surprises the elder by throwing fire at the vampires, but it is not enough to stop them, and they start walking IV to their car.

Baxter, El Toro and Stan have the fight well in hand when they notice this and fire at the vampires. The Elder leaps over to show them how this is done. IV turns an incinerates the Younger, in order to distract the Elder, and seeing to it that the boy will learn nothing from this, or ever again.
Session: Season 1, Episode 9 - Sunday, Jun 08 2014 from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM
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Session 4
This was a brief gathering, somewhat. Working together, you defeated the Ogre mage, looted the place and got the hell out before you burned to a crisp. You brought the battle plans to the mayor of Prolix and were hailed as big damn heroes! You were rewarded for your work, and your characters have several weeks of downtime to rest, make money, and shop.
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Sessions 2 and 3
I've been terrible about keeping this up, but I hope I can keep up with it now so that it can be a good resource for everyone (including me...who does things like forget my NPC's names!) ( ._. )

In Session 2, your jolly fistfight was interrupted by a horrible screech. 5 goblins swooped in on the backs of giant bats and fired on the ship with strange "boomsticks," which fired bolts of lightning. They called out that what had been stolen from them should be returned, but no one knew what they were By working together with the crew, you were able to defeat the goblins, but not before the ship caught fire. With the (unconscious) captain and the first mate in tow, you took a lifeboat and plopped down right in the middle of a Scour field...

In Session 3, Clem Flickwhistle confronted you about tearing up his farm with your little airship crash. He was satisfied enough to receive an IOU (and you heartless bastards robbed him anyway!), and pointed you on the way to Proxelim, the gnomish air-port town. That night, when the captain had awoken, you interrogated him regarding the contents of his safe. He was more than a little evasive and reluctant to talk...which earned him his untimely death. The safe contained a portal, and a flag of lion's bravery--none of which you cared about, because you were too busy fighting over an enchanted bag which contained a worthless apple. Elliot and Urist's tussling activated the portal. A pseudodragon came through, adopted you clueless mugs, and led you through his home which turned out to be a secret ogre base. They had been manufacturing enchanted cloth (and perhaps other things in other places), preparing a goblin army to invade the gnomish country. You rescued the spider woman Gumo from her weaving enslavement--though if you'd kept bluffing her for another minute she probably would have run you through as soon as she'd been freed. Together, all of you went to the large map room, where you confronted an ogre mage and battle commenced! Oh, yes, and there was a woman with him who escaped mere moments after the first spells were cast.
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Season 1, Episode 7- "Flight"
Concerned about the advent of the Wild Hunt, IV goes to the secret mystical section of the NYC Public Library. There, she discovers the secret to being able to being allowed to check out books, which is to tell the librarians that you've been targeted by the Wild Hunt. This is also the secret to being given the bum's rush. She returns to Kate's and begins to work on her Hiding Cloak. She offers one of the library books to Kate as a peace offering.

Mad Stan is interested in re-arming himself, and gets El Toro to call up his fan Father Hernandez to bless a lot of armament and some water. Baxter reports in to THETA, although he has somewhat edited his report. In the course of securing the area around Kate's, they discover that a new storefront is opening across the street - "A Touch of Jazz" owned by Dr. Janice Stone (husband, Charles). Kate, in the course of securing her space, discovers that Stan has left at least one camera in her apartment.

IV, worried about collateral damage, finds an isolated cabin in Vermont and heads up there without the others, riding a motorcycle Stan provided. The others try to track her down without much success, as her Hiding Cloak turns out to work quite well, actually. They get the idea of tracking the Wild Hunt's movements instead, which gives them a good enough target to head towards Vermont, in Stan's Van, El Toro's Mastretta MXT, and a rental Ford Fiesta . The find the off-season cabin cluster surrounded by wolves and (to mystic senses) a wall of warding fire:

Stan sneaks around the perimeter, dropping explosives like rabbits drop pellets. Baxter, El Toro, and Kate come to the front door, which is wise, as the back door is booby trapped with Chekhov's frying pan. Shortly thereafter, Huron's wolf-men attack the cabin.

El Toro gets a bit mauled, Stan's explosives do for several wolves and a porch, Baxter hauls out his second sight and gets blinded by a magic lightning bolt IV calls down. As things look bas for both wolfmen and heroes, IV tosses off the cloak to help El Toro.

Over the Horizon, Hern strides forward. Kate burns a feather to call forth the Morrigan. The mortals prepare to dash for the cars and flee...
Session: Season 1, Episode 7 - Saturday, Apr 26 2014 from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM
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Season 1, Episode 6 - "Visitation"
original airdate: 09 March 2014

Some time before the opening scene, Baxter has committed acts of research and found a name to pin on the wrath entity encountered in Episode 5. He is in the Theta database as Shax.

A woman in a black feathered cloak sweeps into Kate's. IV recognizes her at the entity she encountered at the end of Episode 4 and had dubbed "Hecate". El Toro quietly clears the bar of civilians. She requests a return of 'her' cow hides and expresses her displeasure that our heroes had chosen not to re-curse the former bovines. She feels very strongly that once punishment has been laid down, it is not to be averted. Some bickering ensues about whether our heroes had done wrong, given their limited information, and regarding what right this entity has to swoop in an criticize. Only Mad Stan meets her approval, and she tells him to call her Mistress. When finally presses to provide credentials, she runs out of patience and snaps Kate's wards in order to walk the hides out more or less under their own power. She leaves, etched in the table, a list of her names (long, though surely not comprehensive) as a calling card. Hecate is among them, as are Hela, Morrigan, Louhi, Isis, and Coatlicue.

Kate and IV take some time to repair the Haven wards.

Baxter shortly hears that Hecate has sprung Polyphemus from custody, presumably to be chastised for his dereliction of duty. When news comes in or some sort of raid or breakout from the facility holding the ex-bovines, it seems as if this is the next step. This impression is broken when the table shows new text, "Did you take my prisoners?" IV writes back in beer, "We thought it was you." This results in "I see. Carry on." and silence.

The results in some debate. On the one hand, the ex-bovines should never have been anyone's problem but Polyphemus'. On the other hand, it's probably not a good idea to let Hecate get any more annoyed, given her likely choice of targets to vent her annoyance. The group piles into Stan's Van and the station wagon and find their way to upstate, where the mental facility is located. The ex-bovines appeared to have some sort of fit of hysteria and ran out into the forest and seem to be heading towards Canada. Stan interfaces with the police to track these activities.

In the woods behind the institution, there are various tracks, mostly left by the ex-bovines, but also including a set that seems to belong to a large stag. IV attempts to cast a divination and somewhat overcasts, landing herself in a vision of being chased by a pack of dogs and ultimately facing the pack and their leader, who looks her straight in the eyes and suggests that she give him a good chase. IV is able to pinpoint the likely location of their target(s), but uncharacteristically asks to go home instead of charging forward. The rest of the group, considering that a rather ominous sign, choose to return to Kate's and check in with the Mistress.

Kate asks via table-gram what the ex-bovine's crime was, and is told, "disturbing the peace". IV reports her encounter with what she presumes is the Wild Hunt and the Mistress decides to drop back in. She figures that if she wants to catch the Horned Man and the hunt, all she has to do is watch their next target and take them down at her convenience.
Session: Season 1, Episode 6 - Sunday, Mar 09 2014 from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM
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