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Coming together and the Murder
Mother, Father,

I travelled north as you suggested and have joined with the strangest of folks. Most of them don't like that i'm small, but I'm winning them across slowly but surely. One has a pet drake that we saved when it was an egg, he however treats it as his son. It's quite perplexing and I'm sure the man isn't quite right of mind. Then there is a lady, almost twice my height, can you believe it, so tall!! Anyway she seems a little bit shady although hasn't crossed us yet. Now the next is a really tall man whom definitely didn't like that i was small of stature, and practically laughed when i put on my armour and strapped my sword to my back. We've had a few battles since we met and i think the trust is building - only as far as he can throw me, which actually isn't far with all my gear on but lets hope he gets stronger. Lastly is the strangest of creatures, to be quite honest I'm not sure what he is, but he's proved useful. This one doesn't really like our rations; prefers feet - human, kolbolds and so on, it's rather intriguing.

We are currently trying to solve a murder of a traitorous dragon worshipping lady. By all means i'm glad she's dead, but it seems to not be that simple. Her apprentice has a befuddled brain and does not recall what made him kill her and guilt consumes him for committing the act but not that it needed to be done. I'm tempted to write a letter of recommendation to Father Alstan, I think he'd be an apt addition to the Church.

The war continues to ravage The North and there seems to be betrayers abundant, even within the higher ranks of the military. Of course i can't give you any more details than that incase this letter doesn't make it to you but alas, more to speak about when next we meet.

Your loyal daughter,

P.S. The south seems relatively safe for the moment.

P.P.S. Give my hugs to all our little ducks, and I hope the last hatchings went without problems.

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Writing home
To Kelliath Thornbud, Darnith Woods, Vallen of the Fallen

The last time we spoke you told me that you knew I was prepared to stand in my own two feet. Acknowledging how proud you were with me was one of the happiest time in my life. You gave me you approval and I believed I was ready. I long longed for the chance to travel past the edge for our woods, the opportunity to meet those the strange creatures on travelers tales, use your training to serve Feldon and protect the balance of life. And I was ready. Since then I witness incredible things and endeavors amazing feats. I clubbed a shark for dinner, I fought spiders and horseflies as big as me and met cave scorpions, deadly creatures. I stood against magical creatures like displacement beast or flail snails or long forgotten dinosaurs. I was blessed by the visit of a fey and we are fighting a concerning battle against filthy orcs, that threat this settlement that needs to thrive if we want to stay away from the dangers of the metropolis hordes of the abyss. And I was ready. You prepared me well.
But I lacked preparation in my heart. I miss you so much. I not alone here, do not strum your heart. I'm in a good community filled with fair and wholesome folk. I found good companions that are supportive and that, over time, saved me several times and deserve, as you taught me, my friendship. I even made a nature companion that have grow in strength and we both drunk the water of the blessing. But still I miss our conversations into the night. The way you explain the stars, the trees, and the flight of the owls. I miss our stinky stews. God know none of us were made to cook but still we laugh and prepared our stomach for the terrible food we dare each other to eat.
I miss you terrible. Wish you were by my side.
Your beloved daughter, Milly
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Posted by the GM
A Selected Letter by Sgt. Jonathon Edward, 1st Brookhaven Curissers, 3rd Aven Expiditionary Force
Dear Esther,

I write to you in the one-hundred-and-third day of my captivity, best as I may reckon it. I unfortunately cannot remember the date, so I will make no estimate of the current one. I must apologize for the long gap in correspondence, but it could not be helped; my ink and paper were confiscated quite a while ago, in preparation for a most ghastly and unusual voyage.

Four other prisoners - Gene, Harry, Malcom, Antony - and I were marched to a rail line and loaded into a shipping crate. Inside was an Ortevan man in a pale white lab coat; about half of the space inside was for him, half was for the five of us. Needless to say the journey was unpleasant for everyone involved. He said not a word to us. Periodically, he took things down in a small pocket-book.

Again I must beg your forgiveness, but I cannot estimate with any degree of certainty the amount of time I spent inside this rail car. It could have been days, weeks, or perhaps months. For my own sake, I estimate half-a-day of rail travel, then three days by ship, because I would not like to imagine it any longer, and I do know how time seems to crawl when one is trapped in the most unpleasant of circumstances.

From the crate, we were unloaded into some kind of underground complex, teeming with glassey-eyed Ortevans in the same white laboratory coats as our erstwhile companion. The noise was deafening and the atmosphere oppressive, so I expect my ears were playing tricks on my when I thought I heard screams and cries coming for behind one imposing steel door. The noise was of machinery, and it seemed to be coming from everywhere at once - the hissing of steam or devils, grinding of gears, and the pained cries of metal on metal. We were marched down a long, pale hallway deposited in a large, empty jail cell, far more spacious than our previous confinement. When I asked for ink and paper, it was provided, after a time. I remain your loving,

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Letter posted outside Rierden's room
I've arranged for everyone's passage to Riddleport. I've covered the expense personally. Look for Tomm Marrlow, captain of the Saintly Lass. Captain Tomm will be setting sail in a few days when the wind picks up. I won't be joining you. I have business I must take care elsewhere but I will meet you soon enough. If I don't make it to Riddleport in time head off to your home. Enter the Lurkwood together and you'll know where to go. Keep everyone moving Rierden, don't stay in a single space long and keep them all safe.

Session: Call of Heroes Session #3 - Saturday, Aug 10 2013 from 8:00 PM to 2:00 AM
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Second Letter to Mom
Dear Mother,
Well, I was wrong about Sandpoint being a sleepy little village! I've met some new friends here, including humans and a dwarf. We were at a festival here, with contests, music, theater, and drinking (don't worry Mother, no liquor touched these lips).

Suddenly, some goblins attacked! They were trying to burn down the town! My new friends and I jumped into the fray. I decided to fight fire with fire, and used the bombs Uncle Hackett taught me to make. Unfortunately, I was nearly as much hindrance as help. I burned some goblins, but burned myself nearly as much. (But not to worry, Mother, as my new friends and a local cleric took care of that.) But Naugrim, my dwarf friend, had much better results against the green buggers! He cut them down left and right (I would say "cut them down to size" but I am a bit sensitive about my stature with all these talk folk). We even capture a couple of the creatures and took them to the local garrison for questioning. Kalin, another of my new friends, found out they were working with a human! Can you imagine that? I guess it is true they come in all shapes and sizes, so to speak.

Later, a local innkeeper named Ameiko gave us free room and board. We wound down the night with some food and drink (don't worry Mother, the dwarf drank enough for all of us). I retired to prepare more bombs and other mixtures, when the sheriff came and asked us to investigate some goings-on at the town cemetery. So off we went, and Kael (the last but not least of our group), saw something strange and went into a crypt. There he was attacked by walking skeletons! Well, I preformed much better this time! Those pile of bones did not stand a chance against my fire! And I came out unscathed (I did scorch my friends a bit...but they swear it is alright by them....I hope they mean it).

So we went back for some much needed rest. But when we awoke, we were told our hostess is missing. So I must keep this short as we are heading out to find her shortly.

Your loving son,
Session: Game Session - Sunday, Jun 02 2013 from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM
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