News for Epic Words!

The last-last chance for Epic Words beta benefits is Nov 15th

Just a reminder to all the role players out there: At midnight, on November 15th, beta will end, and so will the opportunity to get Early Adopter accounts. And you really, really want one. Here's why: is an new on-line home for your table-top RPG, where players can blog in character, create and edit campaign wikis, have their own forum, track their loot, and more. The awesome folks who helped us out with beta get Early Adopter accounts as a thank you. It comes with 100 MB of file storage space to share campaign documents like character sheets and maps, and what not. After November 15th, new users will need Paid accounts to get that feature, and it'll be a whole gig worth of space. Of course we will still have Free accounts, which have access to all the other great site features, just not the file storage.

Hurry and sign up for your Epic Words account today, and record your glory.

NEWS: Get an Epic Words early adoptor account before November 15th!

Beta is almost over! Woot!
Special Thanks goes out to all the brave souls that are our first users. They are giving us great feedback, and will be rewarded for their efforts! We have added a new feature this last month of beta - file uploads! As a thank you to our Early Adopters, users who sign up before November 15th will be given 100 MB of space.

On November 15th, there will be two new account types available: Free and Paid.
Free Accounts will have access to all of Epic Words original tools including: blogs, wikis, loot lists, experience tracking, forums, and private messaging. These users can have up to 3 characters, and run 1 campaign as Game Master. Thats plenty for many folks, but we'll have accounts for our ultra-gamer friends too: Upgrading to a Paid Account will let a user run up to 10 campaigns, 15 characters, AND give them access to our new feature: 1GB of File Uploads. (And get this - Paid Accounts can choose to share their storage space with other users in their campaign.)

By the way - Folks who sign up for an Early Adopter account can run up to 3 campaigns, and 5 characters. Thats another bennie for helping us out with beta. That account type wont be available after November 15th.