Advanced Dungeons & Dragons

Edition: 1st


Dragonlance 1st 3
Greyhawk 1st 31
Homebrew 1st 56
Oriental Adventures 1st 2


Edaphos Setting: Homebrew GM: Photo_tinySrth (davissr248)
Wilderlands of True Retro Campaigning Setting: Blackmoor GM: No_img_thumbHeiko (Elythane)
In a handbasket Setting: Homebrew GM: On_tinyBuck Backup (BuckBackup)
Verbobonc Dark Plus Character List Setting: Greyhawk GM: The_dungeon_master_t_shirts-rd8335a65e8cd464fab854327206e12f4_va6lr_512_tinyachiriaco (achiriaco)
Grognardian Project Plus Character List
Setting: Homebrew GM: No_img_thumbArazmus (Arazmus)
Adventurers Setting: Homebrew GM: No_img_thumbPaul (Cartheon)
The Price of Glory & Fame Plus Character List
Setting: Homebrew GM: Avatar_tinyCody (crystalattice)
World of Greyhawk Setting: Greyhawk GM: No_img_thumbByron (Drabal)
The Keep Setting: Greyhawk GM: No_img_thumbraul (rpm)