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Hmmmm......where to begin. Well, fo 1 thing I get da Dwarf bitches' beards-a-wagging wif my healing powers. Yep, that's right, Dwarven resilinizzle, 2 Healing WORDZ per enciznounter, siznacred fliznames, and, hiznealing striznikes!!! Oh, n did i foget to mention a little diznaily called Kord's MOTHERFUCKING fiznavour???

Apologies, I cast my blogging spell wrong.

I tend to stand back in fight, not so much out of my own volition, but because my party values my healing powers. As such, my Sacred flame is my usual weapon of choice.

I am very devoted to Kord and try to live my life as he would. I believe Kord values honour and sensibility as major virtues. As such, I do not suffer fools gladly. In serious battles, I give preferential healing treatment to those who showed respect for Kord by acting responsibly.

I do have some "trust issues," owing mostly to the fact that I have very high active and passive insight. I can usually sense when someone or something (HINT HINT HINT) is not acting 100 percent trustworthy. While I usually do not go rouge, in certain circumstances, don't be surprised to see my lance of faith a traitor without consultation!


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